This is how you set your virtual event speakers for success

Do you plan to organize a virtual event for your community? We show you how to prepare your event speakers for success!

Are you a community manager asking similar questions? Do you want to bring virtual community engagement to the next level? Then you should stick to this post!

There is one super essential factor of virtual events that influence its success. This is the connection between your speakers and your audience.

No matter which event format you use when organizing events virtually, several things depend on the moderator’s side. To provide a unique experience, you need smooth communication.

Rehearsal is the clue

To set your moderators for success, rehearse and work with them ahead of time. Ensure that they have a presentation without a hitch. Prepare them! The more times you manage to walk through the process with them, the better prepared they will be.

Therefore, a phone call as a first step will bring your event preparations a smooth success.

But what exactly should your speakers know?

Video and audio

In case of a virtual event, they need to know how to do their camera settings. It is also crucial to have proper audio because video and audio go hand in hand. That is why your event can very quickly become lacking in quality when one or the other fails.

Because of that, it is recommended for virtual speakers to use head-or earphones instead of their microphone to avoid echo. They also should think of consistent lightning, organized background, and professional appearance.

Check the slides

Slides often build part of moderators’ presentations. So, it is relevant to know how they can share their slides or screens and switch between them professionally.

Slides: Too much content and a crowded layout can kill online participants’ attention. Virtual speakers should know not to overload their slides with content. It is better to use pictures, illustrations, keywords, and big fonts instead.

About video presentations

Video files make another frequently used element of virtual speakers’ presentation. As a community manager, you are the one who is responsible for the connection between the moderating person and the production company.

The tech team needs to deal with special content formats for embedding. So, you are the one who should teach them.

A change of perspective can help

Did you know that giving the feeling of comfort to your speakers can incredibly increase the virtual event’s success?

What you need to do is introduce the event platform to them. Seeing the audience’s view helps to improve their presentations.

Interaction with the audience

The focus is on authentic and smooth communication between virtual speakers and the audience. Several tools for virtual interaction can support your program. Implement questions to the public, create a poll or a cloud for answers to achieve your goal.

At that point, the most relevant thing is to make online participants aware of time delays.

To sum up

All in all, a successful virtual event is based on getting virtual moderators being prepared and ready to go live.

When you rehearse with them, they will present the content most engagingly. When you invest a little time into your speakers, your event program is secure whatever negative surprise comes up.

If you are a moderator or speaker yourself, check out the most important tips for preparation before delegating a virtual event here.


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