Social media created the space for interaction. Now, live video is turning interactions into conversations!

Juan GuerraFounder of BSEEN

We Are Crazy About Live Video!

We help you build a global audience on social media by using the unique power of live video.

From building the concept to producing the event to running a promotion campaign before and after, we are a marketing company dedicated to connecting your brand with your fans.

How Does It Work?

Let’s say you are organizing an event and you would like to…


Reach More People

Starting two weeks before your event and running 2 weeks after your event, we launch a campaign designed to create awareness and gather people around your live stream.

Create A New Revenue Channel

Any campaign we do for you can be packaged for sponsors to gain great exposure due to the unique approach, resulting in a new revenue channel.

Engage Your Community

By having a dedicated moderator of the live stream, we build a complete show turning viewers into virtual participants, interacting with them along the way.

So What Do We Do?

Campaigns that go like this…

Concept Creation

Identifying goals, developing the campaign, creating an action plan.

Building The Hype

A promotion campaign before the event to grow the reach of the live stream.

It’s Showtime Baby!

Turning viewers into virtual participants with a dedicated online event built around your content.

Keep It Going

Using the footage and data collected from your event for further engagement.

All Based On Your Goals

Packages that adapt to your needs and budget.


By combining the power of live video with a strategic social media campaign, get your brand in front of more of the people you want.

Perfect for: Events, Sponsors, Product Launches, Press Conferences.


Build trust with your community by creating dedicated content that connects with your audience. Perfect for event organizers!

Perfect for: Events, NGOs, Causes, Media Outlets, Internal Communication.


Live video and employer branding go hand in hand. If you are looking to build your talent pool, then this is the package for you!

Perfect for: HR Departments driving employer branding.

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Photos by Marcos Aray.