7 Ultimate tips on virtual event moderator success

Without the inrush of the pandemic, the event industry wouldn’t have gone through a virtual development that fast.

Being aware of the development, now you can learn the 7 ultimate tips on virtual event moderator success at first hand. 

#1 Understand the context of your audience

As a first step, think about which group of people you are going to deliver your content to. 

#2 Empathize with your participants

Try to position yourself as one of the audience members. Figure out what kind of questions and challenges they might have. Knowing their motivation for participation gives you access to start communicating with them. 

#3 Lower your filter

Stay spontaneous to be able to react to unexpected situations. Because at a virtual event many things that can go wrong because of the one connection you have. 

#4 Build your story inventory

Create complementary stories before you go live to moderate without a hitch. When moderating events online, there’s always a chance for technical problems or delays. Adding some value by commenting on the topic and engaging with your audience will certainly help. 

OR on the opposite…

#5 Go quiet for a while

Silence can be used as a strategic tool to drive participants attention to the program. When you go silent, virtual participants only listening to your event can easily be brought back.

#6 Charge your energy

You need to be very energetic for moderation. You are responsible to create the space and atmosphere online at which your audience engage with your event. Use it wisely when you need it and don’t be loud or too emotional. It’s crucial because people want to see a motivating and energizing person introducing them to the virtual content. 

#7 Understand the production team’s work

Align with the virtual event production team and work together to understand the rhythm of technical settings and switchings. Using noteless sign language with the production team can also provide smoother communication. 

These are 7 tips for you to bring your virtual event moderator success and engage your participants more.

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