The 3 pillars of virtual events

You are on the right spot to learn the basic pillars of virtual events if…

…you have ever considered implementing virtual events in your overall business strategy,…

…but never know where to start and what it will take to host a virtual event to support your business with.

No need to step back because of the scary beliefs about complicated event technology. They are fake. Because virtual events are a practical business tool based on 3 evergreen pillars. These are easy to include in any strategy regardless of the industry and help you get started.

1. Content

The first pillar “Content” doesn’t only refer to the topics of the virtual event program…

Virtual content has key importance! It’s the source, where participants can draw meaningful experiences from. Because there is no laser show and catering to stimulate the human senses…

For that, participants have to be taken on a journey with dedicated content.

And that’s exactly what virtual participants are looking for. Because they come to your online event with their internal questions regarding your content. They are happy if they leave your event platform with an “aha-experience” at the end of their journey.

For that, you need to consider two more important factors:

  • Remember that your participants are consuming the content in the virtual space. Taking the well-known event content and putting it online won’t work for your virtual event.
  • Avoid watering down the content of your event program to attract more people. Virtual events need content that is narrowed down. Limit the event content for your target group.

2. Communication

A sleek communication between the moderators and the participants is crucial. In the virtual space, attendees should be provided with instructions on their journey.

The moderators have to deliver the content so that they can tap into the obstacles virtual participants might have. Their role is to lead attendees and help them to come to certain realizations.

Also, keep in mind that a successful virtual event is based on well-prepared virtual speakers.

Virtual event speakers need preparation. When you rehearse with them, they will present the content most engagingly. Meaning, if you invest a little time into your speakers, your event program is secure. Doesn’t matter what negative surprise comes up.

3. Contour

The third pillar of virtual events is “Contour”.

By this, we mean your integrated promotional processes. More precisely, any kind of communication and engagement with people that supports driving them to your event.

Our motto says that this engagement should start before the day of the event. Start creating social media groups and network with people. By the day the event starts, people will be able to relate to you and feel more comfortable and welcome to attend.

You can’t forget about the during and after of the event. You need to provide continuity and provide your participants with information and benefits.

So, tease them about the content, expectations, and after-event benefits. Because they want to be acknowledged and engaged.

Scale your business by building your next virtual event strategy on these 3 pillars.


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