🚨 5 Min Tech Check

About 🚨 5 Min Tech Check

In this module, you will proceed to schedule your 5-min Tech Check call with our Speaker Success Responsible.

During your call, you will open the MS Teams application, which you need for the call, and the proceed as if you were to deliver your presentation.

Please, if possible, try to recreate the conditions you will have on the day of the event. That means, have the call from the same place you plan to deliver your presentation on the day of event; as well as, be sure you will be using the same computer.

October 15, 2021

If you are planning to use any videos or music during your presentation, please provide them to the organizer separately from your presentation, latest 3 days before to ensure they can be check in advance. At the same time, please make sure you have the rights to use the materials.

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