Why do I need to download Microsoft Teams?

We have noticed that using MS Teams through your browser, limits certain functionalities during the call like not able to use your camera while sharing your screen.

To avoid any technical surprises during your presentation, please make sure you are logged-in within the MS Teams Application.

Both the app and the account are free of charge.

You can download MS Teams >> here

To whom, when, and in what format should I submit my slides?

You materials must be submitted to the event organizer latest 3 days before your presentation.

The format for submission must be 16:9 and in PDF format to avoid any surprises regarding the design of the slides.

What if my slides have videos or music?

If you are planning to use any videos or music during your presentation, please provide them to the organizer separately from your presentation, latest 3 days before to ensure they can be check in advance.

At the same time, please make sure you have the rights to use the materials.

Why do I need to submit my slides in PDF format?

During your presentation, you will be the one sharing the screen. The idea of submitting your slides in PDF format is simply as a backup in case technology fails.

What if Microsoft Teams is not working for me?

If you are trying to login into Microsoft Teams with a company email, it's possible that your organization does not allow it. In this case, what speakers do is simply create a free account with a personal email.