Which types of virtual events can help to develop your SaaS company?

You could learn from our previous blog post that virtual events are universal business instruments perfectly fitting for improving your business plan. Because of its virtual format, online content is easy to get aligned with the SaaS practice.

So, you learned why virtual events can help you build up high-quality leads for your SaaS business.

But HOW can it be achieved?

What are your next steps to get there?

And how can you know that you provide the right content for your attendees?

Let’s explore what you need to do to make it progress.

What are your clients’ needs?

To begin, you should examine the expectations of your SaaS company clients on a virtual event.

Is it more networking what clients would pop up for? Are they looking for some educational content about your services?

These two benefits are the most significantly preferred and anticipated by virtual attendees. Let’s show you which event types fit the best for these benefits and your goals…


Webinars are the jolly jokers of educational virtual events for your business. They are popular because they enable little audience participation and can be repeated any number of times. And you can involve one or two speakers from your company to share knowledge and advice on a particular topic.

This way, webinars allow you to position yourself as a professional. Your attendees can not only learn from your expertise but also get directly connected with you.

Virtual workshops

Make your educational virtual event strategy one step further with virtual workshops. Because they are ideal for your business to give skill-based training. With dedicated online workshops, you can achieve a higher level of engagement. Have real-time conversations to make your event and your business behind worthy for your participants.

Virtual SaaS conference

What about the participants who are looking for learning something but also creating new business contacts?

Virtual Saas conference is a great opportunity for these groups of people. Because you can build relationships and provide knowledge in one. Both helping increase your brand awareness for them.

If you want to bring people together who share the same interests and want to learn about your business, then a virtual conference is the way to go.

Virtual networking event

Virtual networking events are all about making contacts. Ideally long-term ones. A SaaS-focused networking event you host can be a great marketing tool, you see?

Because it allows like-minded individuals to discuss and share ideas about your business. All this in a less formal, more relaxed way and happening online from their homes.

Virtual events as SaaS marketing tools

Regardless of the type or purpose, organizing any virtual event instantly puts your company in a leading position. Your event becomes a learning and networking platform where your guests exchange ideas.

So, virtual events highlight your SaaS business and make you attractive to your target groups.

To support our claim, let’s take a look at the company Adobe. Adobe uses virtual events for its business. Online events build a solid part of the company’s credibility since it organizes events virtually every year for positioning itself as a thought leader on the market.


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