The Reason Why Virtual Events Are Here To Stay

They may feel like a temporary solution to lockdowns and restrictions but, the reality is that virtual events are here to stay.

Why? One word, sales. Virtual events give your business access to a whole new group of people you couldn’t access before.

As virtual events became the only choice available, it felt as if they would be a trend, a temporary solution.

A necessary evil allowing us to deliver on the tickets and sponsorships sold. A way to keep communities engaged until we would be able to meet in person again.

But, the thing is that virtual events are not a physical events that moved online. And they for sure aren’t a consequence of the pandemic.

The reason why they are here to stay is because:

“people who watch a live stream of an event are 67% more likely to buy tickets to a similar event” 2017

Virtual events give people the possibility to “test drive” your event. A way to see what is all about, what to expect if they were to attend it one day.

It gives people that were never planning to attend in person, the possibility to take part too.

Giving you the chance to service a whole new group of people by making it easier for them to come into your world.

So if you were doubting to go hybrid or to continue to offer a virtual version of your event, you’ll be impacting the sustainability of your event.


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About the author

Founder & CEO of BSEEN, Juan is on a mission to help event organizers deliver professional and engaging virtual events that inspire people to take action.


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