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Hosting A Professional Virtual Conference Can Be Challenging

Are you wondering about...

  • How to even get started?
  • What if the tech fails while live?
  • How to make sure it's engaging?
  • How to manage the work?
  • How to ensure it looks professional?
  • How to put all the content together?

If so we get it. With many moving parts, virtual conferences are hard to put together but, they don't have to be.

Launching Your Own Industry-Focused Virtual Conference Was Never This Easy

Large companies everywhere organize industry events to attract customers, build brand authority, and stay top of mind, with BSEEN now you can too.

Virtual Conferences Made Simple

At BSEEN, we are on a mission to help startups scale by launching a professional and engaging virtual conference that accelerates growth regardless of their industry.

Create Product Awareness

Generate Warm Leads

Build Brand Authority

Build & Engage A Community

Get Customer Insights

Develop Marketing Content

Position Your Products

Showcase Market Expertise

Connect With Industry Experts

We Just Don't Care About Virtual Events

We care about your startup too!

Avoid adding extra work to your busy schedule

Save hours by focusing on what really matters

Avoid having to involve different teams

No need to involve designers, editors, or the tech team.

Avoid costs getting out of hand

Clear and straightforward pricing from the start.

Get Results Regardless Of Your Industry

A professional virtual event is perfect for engaging customers across multiple locations regardless if you sell to businesses or consumers, or type of product.



Virtual Event Production You Can Trust

With more than 3 years delivering virtual events and over 100 productions in the last year alone, our exclusive focus on virtual event production gives you unlimited access to powerful insights.

Allowing you to simplify your work while increasing event quality so that you can focus on promoting your virtual event with the confidence and peace of mind that it will be a success.

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How To Get Started

A clear process to help you plan, prepare, and produce your vision.

1. Book A Fast Track Call

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2. Answer The Questions

Plan, prepare, and produce a professional virtual event.

3. Have Strategy Session

Turn participants into customers as your connect and build trust.

What they say

Working with BSEEN has allowed us to add a whole new layer of engagement to the TEDx Vienna community.

Vlad Gozman - TEDx Vienna Founder

We are super happy with the outcome, it was extremely professional, I didn't worry about anything for a second because I knew that BSEEN got it.

Katharina Binder - Elevate Accelerator Program Manager
Professional Virtual Event Production


How Companies Are Scaling With Virtual Events Without Breaking The Bank

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