How to monetize virtual events?

You, your colleagues, neighbours, even your grandma, we all have attended at least one virtual event in 2020 or 2021. That’s because virtual events were mostly free of charge. However, looking at their increasing development, it’s a right step to monetize virtual events these days.

If you are a community manager, agency- or business owner or event organizer you might ask yourself how you could drive your business with virtual events to the next level? How can you provide the development of your online presence and services?

Make your online events charged!

Find out how you can monetize your virtual event and grow your revenue!

We equip you with the most innovative ways to productize your virtual event

Based on our experience, we differentiate two main ways to do that.
Either you use sponsorships to make a profit, or you charge your participants…

The way with your sponsors

  • There are lots of possibilities to showcase your sponsors most simply. You can productize your event by mentioning and including them in your marketing campaign. 
  • You can keep it uncomplicated and use the live stream to embed the sponsors’ logo. It looks professional when it appears in the top corner of your audience’s screen. 2 in 1: It makes your sponsors happy as well. 
  • You can also brand your virtual event platform. Spend on the top-tier yearly fees. Maybe that is what you need. 
  • Pre-recorded videos, live interviews, or speakers can make your live video so much interactive. These behind-the-scenes stories are very accepted. Just take care not to break the content online. 
  • You can give a thought to branding your studio design.

The way with your audience

  • You can create tickets for your online participants. 
  • You can hit the next level of ticketing by using a ticketing structure. Provide different tiers of different experience value levels for your audience. 
  • Your participants won’t lose interest in paying for your event when you give them access after the event. They will be glad about your content, even if they missed the opportunity to participate. 
  • Imagine bringing up your participants for a unique offer. You can organize your event around your own business or industry.

Putting it all together, you should think of online event monetization as often as possible, because it can ensure that more people will attend your program. Because people dedicate more value for things they have paid for than for things that are for free. 

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