How to increase your virtual event quality without the crazy tech

It’s more than a year into the pandemic and by now, people have been able to experience all kinds of virtual events.

And while some try to create entire digital worlds, in the end, the struggle comes from the most basic stuff.

Producing the content.

Whether it’s a speaker who can’t figure out how to share his slides, a poor quality video, a lagging internet, etc.

The fact is that consumers are becoming more knowledgeable and as virtual events become standard, it’s important that you guarantee a minimum level of production quality or your brand will suffer.

Especially when “67% of viewers say the quality is the most important factor when watching a live stream” —

So here are a couple of quick fixes to increase your production quality.

Since your speakers are the ones getting the most face time, we’ll focus on them.

Setting your virtual speakers for success

About audio, avoid using the standard computer mic, instead, make sure they get an external microphone. PRO TIP: the headset that came with their phone will already do the job. Avoid Airpods.

About video, most laptops today have great cameras. The problem is they are very sensitive to light. If your speaker has a window or bright lamp behind them, ask them to turn around. You want their faces to have as much light as possible for perfect picture quality.

At the same time, if they are using their laptop webcam, ask them to raise their laptop so the camera is on eye level. Placing a couple of books underneath will do the job. This avoids the chin angle, making them look great.

Lastly, break free from the Zoom fatigue. Using professional virtual event software will give you flexibility. For example, using graphics like the one below for the ultimate engagement experience

The Details Make All the Difference

These may seem like small things but, they’ll go a long way.

As cool as a virtual expo lobby may sound, participants just want to be able to connect, learn and interact with the people on the other side of the camera.

Make sure they can do it as smoothly as possible and your brand, partners, and sponsors will benefit.


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