How to ensure people show up for your virtual event?

A virtual event, whether it’s a webinar, a business meeting, conference or a sequence of smaller events, is a great way to engage attendees. Also, a practical tool to complement in-person events and generate new leads for your brand that helps to position it in the middle of the industry.

It’s unbelievable how powerful and many-sided virtual events are but hosting them can be challenging when it’s about getting your invited people to come to your event.

So, what makes a successful event with a lot of participants? HOW do you make sure that people not only sign up but also show up online?

There are some steps, which you can easily implement and make your event program well attended.

#1 Map the needs of your target group

Build the promotion and the main content of your online event around what your potential consumer would enjoy. Think about the problems they deal with, the questions they might have and the answers you could give them.

Determining common pain points can help you find out the content preferences of potential participants and engage with them more efficiently.

#2 Show that your event is worth attending

Why should people register for and attend your event online?

Instead of explaining the benefits of attending your event, show something attractive to people.

Provide your potential participants with some statistics and pictures, infographics, or show off some topics and presentations of your event agenda to make them aware of the beneficial content.

Make them understand why they can’t miss your event program by giving them something of value in a simple visual way.

#3 Provide a solid and continuous digital presence

All the information you can gain with the first two steps is relevant to building connections online with your target group. Because to achieve a higher attendance rate, you have to network with people.

Build a credible and strong virtual brand identity and promote it.

Embedding a strategical event promotion into your communication will help your brand or company to establish online authority and will make your event more authentic. People will recognize your name and based on sympathy and they will attend your virtual event.

#4 Provide appealing call-to-action

When you receive those generic and ordinary reminder e-mails you hardly read them through, right?

Break up with the standard and motivate your registrants by appealing to their emotions. Emphasize the benefits and uniqueness your event can give them if they attend.

Just like this…

Are you a community manager who addresses potential community members? Promise them an awesome community of successful members.

Do you host a business event for entrepreneurs? Ensure them that your virtual content helps increase their revenues and network.

Adapt your goals into your communication, and a little goes a long way.

#5 Be without any stress from the event tech

Virtual events involve more than putting cameras into the front and going live… You should consider hiring a professional tech team who ensures the good quality of your event.

Because a professional virtual event production company not only provides you with a live streaming service during the event. They also support you with speaker rehearsals as well as with a lasting copy of the live video content.

A tech expert team knows how to handle audio and video switching and coordinate people in the virtual spectrum while creating a unique and sleek production. So, you can lean back and trust their service.


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