How to create an engaging virtual event?

The live video became a key tool in the field of modern business and networking. It’s perfect for building trust, connecting, and engaging. By default, its unscripted nature, combined with the scarcity of now, gives virtual events the power to stand on their own.

As virtual event platforms and technology take the world by storm, there is a growing challenge for hosts to balance supply and demand as well as create a concept of the event.

There are a couple of things to consider when organizing a virtual event, that helps to find out HOW one can create an engaging virtual event.

Understanding the challenges of the virtual space

A very representative and common challenge is the transitioning of live events into virtual ones. It doesn’t work because we can’t expect to consume virtual event content in the same way as we do with in-person events.

Accordingly, at first, we need to understand the context of events happening in the virtual space. Virtual experience needs its context, channel, and dedicated content. Because participating in a football game from a stadium is different from watching it with friends at a pub or enjoying it from home in front of your TV.

Virtual events aren’t just events that get pushed online. You have to adapt it to the virtual format and audience.

Taking virtual participants on an engaging journey

The focus must be on people in the online world too, and the virtual audience has to discover the virtual experience as their own dedicated one.

For that, participants have to be taken on a journey online. Content has key importance because that’s the source where participants can draw meaningful experience from sith there is no laser show and catering to stimulate the human senses…

Preparation of speakers for the virtual program

It’s crucial to have sleek communication between the moderators or speakers and the participants to provide attendees with instructions on their journey.

The orators have to deliver the content so that they can tap into the obstacles virtual participants have. Their role is to lead attendees and help them to come to certain realizations.

And that’s exactly what virtual participants are looking for because they come to your online event with their internal questions, struggles, problems regarding your content… Virtual attendees are happy if they leave your event platform with an aha-effect at the end of the event.

Creation of the virtual event agenda

When hosting a hybrid or virtual event: How to create the online agenda so that you captivate your entire audience and give them that kind of transformation?

Your agenda needs to be promising and engaging. This engagement should start before the day of the event. Start networking with people ahead of the start. So, by the day the event starts, people will be able to relate to you and feel more comfortable and welcome to attend.

Participants stay in general 2.5 hours at an online event at maximum. When you provide relevant content to them, they will stick to it and stay until the end. For that, you need to provide continuity and inform your registrants about your program in advance.

Tease them about the talks, presentations, and content in those groups. They want to be acknowledged and engaged.

Using the creative and interactive elements

However, small hacks, that can be helpful when communicating and interacting with your audience. Like in the case of implementing a cloud questioning tool for the Q&A session of your agenda.

Choose a platform that allows you to bring your virtual and your physical audiences to the same platform at the same time to avoid delays.

The proper event platform

Regarding the event platform for hosting your event in general, there are dozens of great platforms for this purpose. At best, you keep one criterion in your mind when choosing an event hosting platform. That’s reliability.

Anything else depends on your needs, expectations, and budget.

If you still need experience on that for your event, look for professional support.


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