How To Choose A Virtual Event Partner

The difference between a Ferrari and a Hyundai is clear, you can see it, you can feel it, you can hear it.

As long as you just want to go to Mcdonalds, they’ll both take you there so no need for the Ferrari.

But if suddenly you find yourself in a race, the story changes.

So, when it comes to products the process is clear, but how about services?

Figuring Out What You Need

How do you know if you are just going to Mc Donalds, or you are actually going to a race?

Well, here is your first clue, you can probably drive yourself to Mc Donalds. As for the race, you most likely have never been to a racetrack. Racing is not cheap, it requires a lot of expertise, practice, and people.

But let’s take a deeper look.

Services in many areas have become commodities, meaning we perceive them to be all the same.

If you have 2 dentists you’ve never visited before, and one is considerably cheaper than the other, which one do you choose? Considering is your money.

Do you choose the expensive one thinking it may provide a better service and that is why it’s more expensive?

Or the cheap one because after all, they should both do the same…

Your choice is going to depend on your experience, understanding of the service, and getting access to the information you need to make your final choice.

In the case of the dentist, you’ve had experience before so you know what to look for.

But when it comes to everyday decisions like choosing a production partner for your next virtual event, you may feel like the Ferrari is overkill and that’s fine.

If that’s the case, let me share a short conversation I had with a prospect not too long ago:

Them — If you can do it for X price, we have a deal.

Me — That’s not possible

Them — Are you sure? If they can, you can too…

Me — Not really, at that price we can’t cover the rehearsals, the preparation, and all the other things…

Them — Rehearsals!! What rehearsals??

The last thing you want to realize the moment you go live is that you choose the Hyundai for the race.

Choosing A Virtual Event Partner

So here are 5 things to look for if you are wondering about how to choose a virtual event partner.

  1. Track record — you don’t necessarily want to see perfect delivery, just ask to see an old production and the most recent one, compare their progress.
  2. Price — if it’s low it’s not necessarily a sign of efficiency but, most likely of lack of experience. Also, they have a brand to keep and so their goal is to maintain a minimum level of production they will not sacrifice.
  3. Focus — is their services focused on one thing or do they offer many different services?
  4. Expertise — do they have a clear process to guide you through or are they adapting everything to fit your wants?
  5. Timeline — your event is tomorrow and they said yes to delivering it? Either they don’t have much work or are not aware of how long steps in the production process take.

Choosing a partner is not an easy thing to do. But you will know you’ve found the right one when you do.

Their ownership over the process, insights, and expertise will give you the peace of mind your project is finally in good hands.

Their expertise will walk you through their process, push you out of your comfort zone, and as long as you follow it, you can rest assured you will succeed.

And that is how to choose a virtual event partner.

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