Engaging virtual events by solving these 3 challenges

Every event organizer wants to deliver a valuable and engaging experience to participants. But, as events moved online, it suddenly felt success would be impossible.

With a brand new format combined with technological complexity and the idea of participants roaming around some virtual world that nobody can’t see, creating real challenges.

But with years in the virtual event space and with over 100s of productions delivered, there are 3 things that stand out.

Virtual events have their own context, they need focused content, and the channel choice needs to be based on the goals of the event.

Let’s examine these three factors so that you learn about them and use them for your next event.

Understanding The Context

Participants consume virtual events in a different way than physical events.

In a physical event, the audience can see each other, interact, connect, and experience the space. Meanwhile, the virtual audience is alone, watching from their desk, while multitasking.

Once we understand the context in which the content of our events is consumed, then we can go ahead and design the experience around it.

Luckily, you’ve actually been experiencing a basic form of virtual events since you were born. All you have to do is take a look at sports.

The physical event happens at the stadium, for which the owners of the team have developed a unique and exciting experience for those who would like to make their way down to the match.

But at the same time, those who would like to watch the game at home, have a very distinct experience too. And those who would like to watch at the pub down the street will also have their distinct experience as well.

By understanding context, while each focuses on the same content, the way the experience is delivered is different.

Virtual events are no different. Understand the context and you’ll design a valuable and engaging experience.

But context alone is not all.

Content Is The Core

While physical events can be broader in terms of content with many different topics and subtopics, your virtual events need to be focused on a specific outcome.

The content needs to be focused on a particular topic.

Watering down the content of your virtual event program to attract more participants works in the physical space because there are many elements that provide value to your participants.

But in a physical event, it’s all about the content.

So developing a program that helps solve a specific problem you participants are having is the 2 elements of a truly valuable and engaging virtual event.

But context and content alone are still missing one thing. The right delivery channel.

The Proper Channel — How To Choose It?

With hundreds of platforms to choose from, event organizers have certainly the advantage. But how to make sure you select the right one?

Start by defining your ultimate goal, then look for a platform that will have the features to help you fulfill it.

Do you want to sell a product? Do you want to create awareness? Then you can use a webinar platform like Zoom to deliver your content.

Do you want participants to connect with each other? Or work in groups on different projects? Do you have sponsors, and partners that need a booth? Then you need a platform like Hopin that offers different sessions

Is your community within one of the social media platforms? Then do it directly in there by using their live video functions or web-based tools like Restream, Streamyard, or Melon.

Whatever it’s that you want, you can find a platform for it. So start by figuring out what’s your ultimate goal with your event.

If you’ve never done an event before, the best is to go with something like Zoom. It’s easy, reliable, and continues to improve.

Key Take-Away

A virtual event is a powerful tool. It’s perfect for building trust, value, and engagement. You just have to consider a couple of things to organize an engaging virtual event to hook people’s attention.

Then you’ll experiment that participants aren’t only staying but also interacting more.


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