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The live stream of our event grew our audience by 4 times, adding incredible value to our stakeholders.

Anna PeliushkevychHead of Marketing at AIESEC in Austria

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Of people who watch a live video from an event are more likely to buy tickets next time.


Of people rather watch a live video than read a blog post.


Of people consider video quality the most important aspect of live video.


Whatever your goals are

our campaigns will lead to

Attracting New Talents

Community Building

Brand Positioning

Creating Awareness

New Revenue Channel

Internal Communication

Using Live Streams Strategically to Grow Your Business

Whether you organize events, drive social impact or deliver the product and services that make our life happen, live video will grow your community, build trust with your fans, and scale your business.

Innovators understand that the power of live video lies in the possibility to have a conversation with your audience in real-time, giving you key access to your market.

A Partnership For Success

How AIESEC and UNIDO use live video to drive positive impact.

Welcome to YouthSpeak Forum! Join us live from UNIDO headquarters! 200 young people gathered here to voice their opinion on Sustainable Development Goals and take action on the issues that matter. Stay tuned to learn more about YouthSpeak Forum and let us know what you think! #AIESECinAustria #YouthSpeakForum #YSFAustria #IChooseAction

Gepostet von AIESEC in Austria am Freitag, 9. März 2018

During their last Youth Speak Forum in Vienna, we put together a full live studio where exclusive content with speakers was created, complete with embedded videos, name inserts, logos, and more. Check it out!

Experts in:

Grow Your Reach

Reach more of your target audience.

Engage Your Audience

Build a stronger community

Attract New Talents

Show how it’s to work with you.

Stay ahead of the competition by taking advantage of live video.

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Great Return on Investment

Brings value to your brand by positioning you as an attractive employer or let your partners sponsor the live stream at your next event.

Develop Unique Content

Content that would normally get lost is now recorded, interacting with people on its own, converting visitors into potential clients.

Increase Your Global Presence

Target the world at a fraction of the cost. Want to open a new market? Have people ready to buy before even getting there.

Drive Community Engagement

Having conversations with your fans will allow you to uncover new opportunities by better understanding your customers.

Do you have questions?

What exactly is BSEEN doing?

We create strategic, social media campaigns based on live video for companies to reach their goals regardless of their industries.

Is it applicable to my type of business?

Live video campaigns are great for:

  • Most non-profits,
  • Events such as conferences or festivals,
  • Any organization looking to drive employer branding or internal communication,
  • Any company wanting to create awareness about projects, products, and services.
  • And of course, anybody looking to build a community.

Would I have less attendees if I live stream my event?

No. Actually, research conducted by has found that people who watch a live stream from an event are 67% more likely to buy tickets to that event next time.

At the same time, it has been found that people go to events for the experience and networking. Both of these things that can’t be delivered online, but can be shown, pushing the viewer to take part in the future.

Why would I give away my content for free?

You don’t need to live stream everything that happens on the stage, on the contrary, research shows that people love to watch live videos of what is happening behind the scenes.

What is the difference of this service with me going live on my phone?

Beyond the whole strategic, data-driven campaign, we also have great picture quality, professional sound, embedded videos, inserts and more!

All things that can’t be done with a phone, at least for now 😉

Is it available in my country?

Yes. Even though we are based in Vienna, Austria, we do work with people from across the world on different levels of service.

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