November 12

This Is Why Your Online Event Will Fail


As an event organizer, you are really good at providing unique and exciting experiences that amaze your attendees. That’s where you shine, after all, that’s where you really have the chance to influence processes.

Always thinking on how you can push it further with the resources at hand. Driven by that feeling you get the moment when people finally show up and begin interacting with everything you’ve planned for them.

Unfortunately, this was all taken away the moment events moved online and so you rushed to figure out a way to provide those experiences virtually, the problem is that it’s not possible.

Because of its own nature, online events require a completely different format. We don’t realize it because since they happen online, they are really hard to grasp visually. But trying to push a physical event into the online space is the equivalent of organizing a wedding using the format of a trade show.

It’s like literally translating Spanish into English, or playing basketball with the rules of golf, it just doesn’t work. It’s no wonder that people get frustrated with online events, pushing them to belief “online events don’t work”

It’s not that they don’t work, it’s the format that doesn’t work. And it’s not your fault either, participants everywhere want to be able to network, connect, and interact and so it’s logical that we try to find ways to emulate the physical world online.

But, if your online event is to be truly successful, the first thing to do is to stop trying to replicate real-world conditions online.


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